RKit is an innovative, affordable, adaptable and sustainable technology for rice production. The technology is focused on smallholder farmers. It is an inclusive tool that will get vulnerable groups – women and youth – excited about agriculture.

The objectives of the technology, which is based on Systems of Rice Intensification (SRI(, are:

  • To get vulnerable groups – women and youth – excited about agriculture
  • Reduce operational costs of smallholder farmers
  • Increase profitability and by extension income of smallholder farmers
  • Enhance soil fertility
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Reduce drudgery associated with traditional farming methods
  • Serve as social security
  • Trigger rice value chains linkages


Value Seeds is optimistic that her Rice production technology would lead to these outcomes:

  • Sustainable growth and development
  • Sustainable peace and stability
  • Alternative source of employment for youth
  • Better quality of life for people
  • Better health for people
  • Farewell to youth restiveness
  • Less pressure on government for handouts
  • Increased self-dependence by the populace



Our Rice production technology is hinged on Systems of Rice Intensification (SRI). Our Rice production technology is called RKIT.

We have competent technical team trained by Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) on conservation farming. The technology has been adopted since 2015 in Kaduna, Kano, Katsina and Niger States with remarkable results. The technology is an all-inputs pack for the production of quarter hectare of rice by smallholder farmers. Included in the technology kits are high quality seeds of improved varieties of rice seeds and all other components needed by the farmer and pictorial technology leaflet to guide farmers in sequence of production.  Reason for focus on smallholder farmers is informed by the fact that Nigerian agriculture comprises 65% smallholder farmers who are resource-challenged.  Size of land is informed by the fact that average land holding by smallholder farmers in Nigeria is one hectare and below.